Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hair and Makeup at the Del Monte

On Thursday, Rochester A-List sent me to The Spa at the Del Monte (one of my favorite places ever!!!) for a blow out and style and makeup application.   I know, I know - rough life.  Just try not to hate me forever.

Take solace in knowing that I looked like this when I arrived:
Yeah... this is what I really look like...
And now, the entire internet is able to see me in my greasy, bare faced glory.

Feeling better now?  Great.

Cuz now it's time to get a little jeal-ous.

Have you been to the Del Monte since their remodel?  If not, you have to go and check it out.  It's gorgeous.  They've taken serenity to a whole new level.  This is the new waiting area outside of the salon:

After I was greeted at the front desk, and my coat was taken, I took a seat on the sofa and waited for my hair appointment.  Jen Kaper was my stylist.  She came out to meet me and was super sweet.  She washed my hair, dried it, and then curled it with a fat curling iron.  I told her I needed it to still look good for an event the following night so don't be afraid to load on the hairspray.  (I'm from NJ, I'm used to it.)

These are the chocolate covered strawberries that I got to snack on with my fruit-infused water while my hair was being done:

And here is how my hair turned out:

I'm loving the lose curls.  They stayed put all night, and the next day I was able to wear my hair straight, but it had tons of body from being curled.  Any day I don't have to do my hair is a good day in my book.  Love!

On to the makeup portion of today's programming...

The Del Monte uses two makeup lines:  Le Metier de Beaute and La Bella Donna.

This age-fighting skin care line is the best of the best.
Sold at Nordrom, Neimans, and The Spa at the Delmonte.
La Bella Donna is a mineral makeup line based out of Los Angeles.
It's sold at Bergdorfs - but if getting there is a little too much of a hike,
you get head on over to the Spa at the Del Monte in Pittsford.
Made with natural ingredients, La Bella Donna is mineral makeup that is truly good for your skin.

I got to try La Metier.

Jennifer Gelb was my makeup artist.  She was such a doll.  She explained, in full detail, all of the products she was using and how she was applying them.  When she was done, my skin looked flawless, and my eyes, well, you'll just have to let me show you how they turned out...

Check out that shadow!  Love, love, loved my eyes!

La Metier's Kaleidoscope Color Theory sure is working!
Look how those eye shadow shades interact and play off each other.  Simply stunning.

Here's the finished product.  Isn't it amazing what professional hair and makeup can do?

Think it doesn't make a difference?  The proof is in the pudding - or in this case, the picmonkey photo collage...

There is no denying that I left the Del Monte a much-improved version of myself.  

If you have a special event coming up I would highly recommend visiting the Spa at the Delmonte for hair and makeup.  Both services are reasonably priced, the atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful, and the service is always impeccable.  The Del Monte has been go-to spot for a spa day for years, and now... for hair and makeup too!

Let me share a little trick of the trade with you...

Want to know one of their best kept secrets?  Makeup lessons.  You can book a makeup lesson for $50 to learn how to do your makeup like a pro.  Want to know the best part?  That $50 can be applied toward product!!!  So technically makeup lessons are FREE (at least that's what you can tell your husband!) See you're saving him money AGAIN!  

Think that's fantastic?  Well, you're going to LOVE this:  Feb. 8-9 & Feb. 22-23 the Delmonte is hosting Makup clinics so so you can look your best for Valentine's Day, a special "Date Night" or "Girls Night Out." All sessions are complimentary and can be customized to fit your needs. Reservations are required (585) 419-3000.

Seriously, why are you even still reading this?  Go ahead schedule your appointment... or at least go tell your husband he doesn't have to shop for Valentines Day (you know he hasn't bought anything yet) because you would love a Del Monte spa gift card.

I'll wait here.

Ok fine...

Be like that...

I guess I'll just have to leave...

Hope to bump into you at your next spa day!



PS- Did you know Rochester A-List is giving away free spa visits each month through April?  To enter to win, be sure to get on the list.  It's free!  Click here to sign up now.

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