Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Roc'n Birthday

Over the weekend, I turned [gasp] 31.  Cough. Cough.

I just kept telling people I was celebrating the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday.  Ha!  There is something a little unsettling about officially being IN my thirties...but I have to say, 31 isn't looking so bad after all.  

I had the best day celebrating!

I spent the afternoon at Beau Monde Salon and Spa in Victor.  I got a massage with Sonia and then a blow out with Jordan.  Both of them are fantastic.  I'm a repeat customer.  Love, love, love!  They both come highly recommended. 

Here is what I wore for my birthday dinner at the Erie Grill with the hubs:

Get outfit details here.
Here is a close up of my fab 1940s-inspired 'do by Jordan.  He rocks.
Fast forward to dinner...

Here I am enjoying some complimentary bubbly at the Erie Grill.  See that smile?  That's the face of someone who was just given a pretty spectacular spa-day gift card for the Spa at the Delmonte by her fantastic husband.  Can't wait to use that baby!

It was our first time dining at the Erie Grill and we were really impressed with everything.  The atmosphere was great.  We enjoyed a drink at the bar as we watched the sun set over the canal.  The food was some of the best I've had in Rochester.  Everything I ate was delicious - the beet salad was spectacular, the cioppino to-die-for, and the flour-less chocolate cake was pure heaven.  The Erie Grill is definitely being added to our ever-growing list of favorite restaurants in Rochester.

So, yeah, I might be getting old, but at least I'm doing it with style and discovering all the best that Rochester has to offer!



PS- This is what my hair looked like the next day:

Not too shabby huh?  You seriously need to schedule a blowout with Jordan.  He's the best.  And his shampoos - well, you'll just have to experience one to know what I mean ;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mendon Spring Festival is THIS Saturday!

Come visit my table to find out what's new with The Flower City Fashionista and find out about the exciting new freebies you get when you sign up for my FREE personal shopping services!

Check out tons of local artisans and unique businesses!  Should be a great time!  Hope to see you there!



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sewn Seeds - Some of the Best of Rochester

On Saturday, Amy Riposo, owner of Rochester A-List and I were prepped by Allora Salon and Spa's beauty team for Shop Peppermint's Sewn Seeds fashion show.  Our celeb-worthy beauty treatments included gel manicures with Kaitlyn, blow outs with Danielle, and makeup with Erin.  They really rolled out the red carpet for us, and come highly recommended.  Allora rocks!

Here we are all done up at Sewn Seeds:

Ms Amy Riposo
Owner of Rochester A-list
Wearing: skirt and necklace from Shop Peppermint, shirt from Marshalls, 
earrings from Loehmann’s NYC, and Chan Luu bracelet from Mann’s Jewellers
The Flower City Fashionista
Rochester A-List Fashion and Beauty Blogger
Get my outfit details here.
The show was a fantastic collaboration that showcased some of Rochester's best talent.  It demonstrated the high caliber design and style lurking right in our own back yards.  Paris, Milan, New York, and now Rochester?  Okay, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but why can't we be a hub of fashion, style, and design?  Shouldn't we pride ourselves in being a city that values creativity, craftsmanship, and the entrepreneurial spirit?  A city that supports its local fashion and art scene; who knows that we are bursting with talent and just waiting for the world to take notice?  I think we are DYING to bust out and be the city of our dreams... so let's do it!  We're all in this together - and that togetherness was never more evident than it was Saturday evening.  Seeing djs, designers, stylists, photographers and the like come together to celebrate local talent was so refreshing.   The overwhelming support from the local community demonstrated the need for MORE.  We are craving  more events like this one, more fashion, more art, more to do, more ways to express ourselves, and most importantly more people like Tanvi, who kick fear to the curb and inspire us to all to go for it, follow our dreams, and CREATE something.  Sewn Seeds was a celebration and it was truly inspirational.

Three local designers were featured, each of varying backgrounds, none of which was fashion.  It was so interesting to hear the stories of how each of their journeys lead them to design.  Sewn Seeds celebrated not only hard work and passion but also reminded us about the importance of the creative spirit, which is not all that separate from the human spirit.  Just think of what a sad, sad world this would be if it weren't for the artists; they add color to our world.

Please enjoy my photos from the show (all taken with my i-phone, so quality varies) and take a moment to celebrate the creativity, design, and entrepreneurialism that are all alive and well here in Rochester, New York.

Knitwear by Andrea Geer Designs:

Debut Collection by Josean Vargas:

Peppermint Collection by Tanvi Asher:

This was my favorite piece.  I need to buy it.  Now.
It was a fantastic afternoon of pampering followed by a well-executed, high-end fashion show, and VIP after-party at TRATA.  Nothing like experiencing all the best in Rochester in one day!

Were you at the show?  What was your favorite part?  And what did you take away from the experience?  What would you love to see emerge on the Rochester fashion and social scene?  Share your thoughts below.


The Flower City Fashionista