Friday, March 1, 2013

Ae Spa

In January, Rochester A-List's Amy Riposo and I were lucky enough to visit Ae Spa in Brighton to find out what we should be doing for our skin as women in our thirties and forties, which is weird since we are both 29 ;).  Amy will be sharing her experience in her own words, and well, you thirty somethings are stuck with my snarky writing for this piece.  Sorry kids.  Better luck next time.

Waiting Area
I was frozen solid when I arrived.  I'm pretty sure it was about nine degrees outside, and I'm the kind of girl who wears a sweater when it's 70.  My husband calls me "nana" because I'm always cold.  So instead of easing into a pair of slippers and taking my coat off to relax, I sat in the waiting area in my parka and snow boots, sipping my complimentary peppermint tea in an effort to warm myself up.  Upon seeing my near-hypothermic state, Andrea got me a warmed wrap for my shoulders.  Before I knew it I was starting to thaw out and beginning to relax.
I wasn't kidding!
Let the pampering begin!

The Hallway to the Fountain of Youth
 I got to experience their signature facial.  Oh. Baby...  It. Was. Soooo. Good.  

First Andrea analyzed my skin so she could customize my facial for my specific skin needs.  In my case, I'm a little dehydrated, a little oily, a little sensitive, and an overall hot mess.  I promised to drink more water and stop using products with salycilic acid.  She let me relax while warm steam opened my pores and then deep cleaned my skin with a Clarisonic brush.  

Ae Signature Facial Time
Then it was time for microdermabrasion.  This procedure is really important for women in their thrities. It helps resurface the texture of the skin by removing dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of fine lines and blotchy pigmentation, and relieves the skin of excess gunk.   This allows the products you use to actually seep in and do their job.  It was my first time getting microderm done, and while I expected it to feel like my face was being sandblasted, the procedure was not uncomfrotable in the least.  It didn't hurt one bit: a proverbial piece of cake. 
Bring on the Microdermabrasion
After microderm is was back to my facial:  glycolic peel and mask.  Yay!  This facial also included a heavenly hot stone massage of the face, neck, hands, feet, and decollete.  Had I known Andrea would venture below my Mason Dixon line, I would have shaved my legs for her.  I was going for a was winter... the thought never crossed my mind!  What was a girl to do?  Before I knew it, I was getting a foot and leg massage - with a little exfoliating to boot!  And there I was in all my wooly mammoth glory.  How embarrassing.  I was mortified, but Andrea was a great sport about the whole thing.  She didn't cringe or dry heave even once!

Hot Stone Massage = Pure Heaven
I might look like a cadaver, but I assure I am very much alive.
Just relaxed.  Very, very relaxed.

The final step included a rich moisturizer.  Andrea uses the BT to help product penetrate deeper into the skin.

Before I knew it my luxurious 90 minutes of heaven were over.  I got dressed and prepared to re-enter the real world.  Bummer.  After every facial, Andrea recommends products and treatments to best suit your individualized skin care needs.  She recommends that women in their thirties get a facial with microdermabrasion every six weeks and to use a good at home skin care regime.

Here's what I went home with:

Dermalogica pre-cleanse  to help break down surface sebum
(read: greasy Italian skin) before cleansing.
Exfoliating Bath Gloves - to keep my whole body as soft as a baby's bottom.
I would highly recommend making a trip to Ae spa for a customized facial with Andrea.  Skin care is so important.  You only get one face - and preventative care is the best way to quell the signs of aging.  It's much better to prevent than to fix later.  So wear sunscreen, exfoliate regularly, and book your facial with Andrea today!



PS- Want to read about Amy's experience and the inside scoop on a special offer coming your way from A-List and Ae Spa?  Click here.

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