Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Roc'n Birthday

Over the weekend, I turned [gasp] 31.  Cough. Cough.

I just kept telling people I was celebrating the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday.  Ha!  There is something a little unsettling about officially being IN my thirties...but I have to say, 31 isn't looking so bad after all.  

I had the best day celebrating!

I spent the afternoon at Beau Monde Salon and Spa in Victor.  I got a massage with Sonia and then a blow out with Jordan.  Both of them are fantastic.  I'm a repeat customer.  Love, love, love!  They both come highly recommended. 

Here is what I wore for my birthday dinner at the Erie Grill with the hubs:

Get outfit details here.
Here is a close up of my fab 1940s-inspired 'do by Jordan.  He rocks.
Fast forward to dinner...

Here I am enjoying some complimentary bubbly at the Erie Grill.  See that smile?  That's the face of someone who was just given a pretty spectacular spa-day gift card for the Spa at the Delmonte by her fantastic husband.  Can't wait to use that baby!

It was our first time dining at the Erie Grill and we were really impressed with everything.  The atmosphere was great.  We enjoyed a drink at the bar as we watched the sun set over the canal.  The food was some of the best I've had in Rochester.  Everything I ate was delicious - the beet salad was spectacular, the cioppino to-die-for, and the flour-less chocolate cake was pure heaven.  The Erie Grill is definitely being added to our ever-growing list of favorite restaurants in Rochester.

So, yeah, I might be getting old, but at least I'm doing it with style and discovering all the best that Rochester has to offer!



PS- This is what my hair looked like the next day:

Not too shabby huh?  You seriously need to schedule a blowout with Jordan.  He's the best.  And his shampoos - well, you'll just have to experience one to know what I mean ;)

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  1. I hear the chef at The Erie Grill likes to kick dogs and is mean to old people.