Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Trend Watch Day 1: Sequins and Leather

In honor of Fashion Week, Rochester A-List sent me on a mission to scour local boutiques for the latest trends.  Armed only with my i-phone and an eye for style, I left the kids with grandma and grandpa on an expedition to shop til I dropped.  (Rough life, I know!)

Every day this week I will highlight a different fall trend and tell you where you can find it in Rochester.

To kick off this series, I went to Dado, one of my favorite local boutiques, in search of sequins and leather.  Think you can't pair a blinged-out cocktail dress with a motor cycle jacket?  Think again.  Leather and sequin accents are big this fall, and like two heads, two trends tend to be better than one.

Here's what I found...  

The moment I walked in, I locked eyes with this beauty; it was love at first sight.

Then these glittery cocktails numbers caught my eye (obviously, I mean, I'm from NJ, we like our bling).

After salivating over everything in the store.  I finally brought these four items into the fitting room:

I loved this combination of leather, silk and sequins.  Sadly the pants were not my size, so instead of humiliating myself and making you uncomfortable witnessing that unfortunate display, I decided to spare you a photo.  Let's just say it wasn't pretty...


This sparkly, fringed dress was another story. (Just think how smokin' it would have looked had I come armed with my Spanx!) Note to self:  carry shapewear at all times.

 I could probably go up a size in the jacket, but I still LOVED this combination.  Back in my other life (pre-broke SAHM/blogger) I would have bought both in a heart beat.  Sadly, neither was in the budget.  **tear** But, if any of you want to "adopt" a local blogger... :)

What do you think?  Will you try mixing glitz and leather this fall?  

What trend are you excited to wear this season?

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  1. Love that look! Definitely would not have put the two together on my own, but it looks fabulous! Nice work FCF!