Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Trend Watch Day 3: Wear With Anything Leather Bag

Want to know what makes me happy?  A new bag.  Want to know what makes me even happier?  Buying a bag with the same structure as a Louis Vuitton speedy for a FRACTION of the price.  

This fall, practical and structured bags with a bit of fun are all the rage. Fahsye just got in a gorgeous line of leather bags from Thailand called Rainbo. They are the only shop in the US to carry them, so unlike LV, you won't see everyone and their mother walking around with your bag.  They are exclusive, well-made, genuine leather and available at the palatable price of $299.00.  

They are available in three delicious colors and PYTHON is coming soon!  Oh. Baby.

Is anyone surprised that I went for the pink?  Didn't think so.. and yes, I cropped out my head.  Bad. Hair. Day.

Try to ignore my yellow Target rain boots and focus on the overall picture: adorable bag, perfect size, optional shoulder strap, and easy wearability.

Instead of dropping more than two grand on an empriente speedy or getting a new Coach or Kate Spade this year, why don't you head over to Fahsye and give Rainbo a try?  Be sure to tell them that the Fashionista sent you.  ;)  Happy Shopping!



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  1. Hahh!!! I would have gone for the pink too! I love it.

  2. Wow. I love those bags. Wish I can buy one for myself.

    1. You can! They are on sale and available online: