Monday, September 10, 2012

White Party

I had a BLAST at Rochester's first ever White Party.  Spent the night dancing, drinking, and chatting with the most beautiful people (inside and out).  It was a wonderful night supporting a wonderful cause.

Want to see what I wore?

Clearly I need to focus on landscaping...
And maybe coming up with some new poses...
I call this one "Over the Shoulder" 
Head Shot!
I love a red lip!
I think my bangs need to be shorter, thicker and choppier... thoughts?
And we're walkin...

I don't know why I always tilt my head sideways, but I do.
I need to be more conscious of that...
In my defense, it's hard to get great shots when your photo shoot consists of
your husband, an i-phone and one or two crying children...
Want to see the party?
With Lucky Nahum and Wendy Parnell

The uber-fabulous Kyla Minx.

Dying to see more?  Check them out on Facebook!

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

Happy Monday!  It is definitely a happy Monday for me:  Colt's first day of pre-school.  Woooo hoooo!  Will post pics of the little goober tomorrow.

Until then...



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